360 Assessment


Congratulations on taking your first step to better health!  Here's a reminder of what you'll get:

  • 2 Doctor appointments (75 mins and 60 mins).
  • 2 Nutritionist appointments (60 mins each).
  • 2 Health Coach appointments (60 mins each).
  • Initial tests.
  • Personalised health plan. 
  • 3 catch-up calls.
  • Member Support.
  • You have 3 months to complete your assessment. 

Important information.

Once you have logged in or registered, you will be able to purchase your assessment and book your initial appointment with the doctor. 

Please book your initial consultation at least 2 weeks ahead so that you have enough time to complete and submit your intake forms and food diary, and for the team to review them before your appointment.  Please go through these carefully and try to complete them as fully as you can.  Your forms will need to be completed 7 days before your first appointment.

We are really looking forward to working with you!

Best Wishes,

The Team at Dr Amina Davison

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